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Crazy Crocodile: The drinking game.... that bites!

Fun, addictive, Crazy crocodile is the ultimate party game for responsible adults. You will never again go out for a drink without it.

This crocodile may look cute, but make no mistake, he will drive you craaaazy ! Rules are simple, but no need to bother explaining them, you won’t remember them after a few rounds. Anyhow: you get bitten, you drink. Simple as that... except if you feel lucky and take a shot at the double or nothing shuffle game, which you might beat early in the game. But that will always end up as a double punishment later on.

- From 2 to 8 players (in theory)
- Beautiful graphics and sound effects
- Player who pushes the wrong crocodile tooth loses the round
- Double or nothing mini game
- Absolute fun with friends

Crazy Crocodile: Enjoy responsibly, play with moderation!




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