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Mini Golf Mayhem ! Mini golf like it is meant to be: simple, straightforward and FUN.

Mini Golf Mayhem takes you ‘mini-golfing’ through 3 worlds each with an 18 holes course and 3 game types. Yes, that’s 162 levels of fun! And with the most beautiful looks and sounds you can expect on your phone/tablet.

- Beautiful graphics, sound effects and music
- Customizable characters
- 3 worlds consisting of 18 holes course
- 3 game types: Normal, Obstacle, Target
- Just as simple & fun as mini-golf with a great gameplay system
- Local & online leaderboard
- The perfect game to play whether you have 5mn or 3 hours to relax

Don’t miss the game that you will always come back to! Because mini-golf is universal, and Mini Golf Mayhem is the best of what it can offer on your smartphone/tablet.




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